Q. What should I bring to my appointment or my child's appointment?
A. Bring the current orthosis/prosthesis even if you, or your child, have outgrown it or it is broken. The patient must be
present for all appointments, including adjustments. Additionally, you need to be sure to bring current insurance
information and a current prescription.

Q. What should I do if the fit or function of my othosis or prosthesis changes?
A. You should contact your orthotist or prosthetist at once.

Q. What do I do if my orthosis or prosthesis breaks?
A. Stop wearing your device and contact your orthotist or prosthetist immediately.

Q. Can I fix or adjust the orthosis or prosthesis myself?
A. No. This can lead to personal injury or damage to the device.

Q. Can an orthosis be adjusted for growth?
A. Yes. In most cases an orthosis can be adjusted in response to growth. Contact your orthotist for an appointment
so he or she can evaluate the situation.

Q. How often should I see my orthotist or prosthetist?
A. Under normal circumstances you should see your orthotist or prosthetist every 3 to 6 months.

Q. Can I get my hard, plastic orthosis wet?
A. Yes. However, it should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before you reapply it. If it comes in contact with salt
water be sure to rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Be aware that the padding inside of some braces may mildew if
not properly dried.

Q. Can I get my prosthesis wet?
A. Most prosthesis are NOT compatible with water unless they have been specifically designed for water activity.

Q. How often should a brace be replaced?
A. This depends on the age and activity level of the patient. Higher activity levels can lead to a shorter "life" for the
brace, as more activity generally means more wear. Additionally, younger patients need braces more often because
they generally grow quickly.

Q. Can I play sports in my orthosis or prosthesis?
A. Yes, unless otherwise directed by your physician, orthotist or prosthetist.

Q. Is it normal that my skin is red after I remove my orthosis or prosthesis?
A. Minimal redness is expected with both orthosis and prosthesis. However, if you experience redness or irritation
that lasts longer than 30 minutes after removing the brace contact your orthotist or prosthetist.

Q. When should I have a new socket fabricated for my prosthesis?
A. When you are using 15 to 17 ply of socks or more, you should be evaluated by your prosthetist. Also, if the shape
or size of your residual limb changes you should see your prosthetist about a new socket.

Q. Can the alignment of my prosthesis be changed as my activity level changes?
A. Yes, it is expected that the alignment of your prosthesis will change over time. This normally occurs in a new
amputee as he or she adjusts to the prosthesis and becomes more active.

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