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Prosthetic Services

Prosthetic services are for people who have experienced limb loss or limb deficiency of an upper or lower extremity. A prosthesis may be needed to accommodate a birth deficiency, traumatic injury, or complications as a result cancer or vascular disease. Our prosthetic services are designed to fit the individual throughout their life.

Lower Extremity Prostheses for Pediatrics and Adults:

  • Immediate post – operative consultations/fittings and cast changes
  • Shrinker fitting and limb volume management
  • Preparatory and definitive prosthetic fittings
  • Education

Upper Extremity Prostheses :

  • Immediate Post-operative consultations/fittings and cast changes
  • Shrinker fitting and limb volume management
  • Myoelectric, body powered and cosmetic prosthetic fittings

~Ottobock Bionic® technology 
~Limb Logic® - Ohio Willow Wood/ Ossur
~Hybrid AFOS - Carbon Fiber Spring PTB
~Recreational and high activity prostheses - Endolite Blade XT
~MPK knees (computer controlled) Freedom Plie', C-Leg, Linx

Orthotic Services

Orthotic devices may be needed for several reasons including birth deficiencies such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida or club foot deformities. Application may also be in order when a patient suffers from a spinal cord injury, ligament tear or head trauma. Medical conditions such as CVA (stroke), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, poliomyelitis, and arthritis along with the toll of aging may also be cause for application of an orthotic device.


  • Soft foam collars
  • Philadelphia, Miami J, Aspen collars
  • Minerva cervical-thoracic or orthosis (CTO)
  • Halos
  • Abdominal binders/rib belts
  • Elastic lumbar supports (industrial belt)
  • Custom molded TLSO
  • Custom scoliosis/Boston TLSO Spinal tech


  • Hip abduction orthosis 


  • Elastic/neoprene sleeves
  • Patellar stabilizers
  • Hinged neoprene sleeves
  • Post-Op ROM orthosis
  • Knee immobilizers
  • Custom sports (ACL) brace
  • Osteoarthritis Unloader brace
  • Plastic/metal knee ankle foot orthosis 


  • Custom molded ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)
  • Planar fasciitis night splints
  • Multi Podus Boot/L'Nard splint
  • Ankle supports (Air cast, air gel, Fig, 8 lace-up)
  • Custom foot orthotics/corrective and diabetic
  • Custom healing boot/CROW boot
  • Arizona's AFO's

Fracture Bracing 

  • Walker boots/custom FX boot (CROW)
  • Tibial FX orthosis/sarmiento
  • Humeral, radial, ulnar FX braces

Upper Extremity 

  • Wrist supports (carpal tunnel brace)
  • Custom Writ-hand orthosis
  • Elbow supports/tennis elbow/elastic
  • Clavicle harness, AC supports
  • Shoulder immobilizer 

~Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) Arizona Brace
~Foot Drop treatment- WalkAide System
~Knee-ankle foot orthoses (stance control) SPL Becker
~Knee braces (OA Unloaders , ACL) Townsend
~Scoliosis Bracing  - Providence Spinal Technology
~Spinal braces (Custom TLSO, LSO) Aspen Medical
~Clubfoot Bracing, Ponsetti AFOS, DOBBS® Articulating Bar, MD Orthopaedics

All OTS type devices are available in pediatric sizes

Additional DME Items

Wound Care

  • Gauze
  • Neosporin
  • Bandages
  • Saline
  • Ace Wraps


  • Roller Scooters
  • Walkers
  • Canes
  • Crutches


  • Ace wraps
  • Cold packs
  • Cryo units
  • Off the shelf orthotics (super feet)
  • Cast covers for showering


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